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PhD Student position at Saarland University (Saarbruecken, Germany)

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PhD Student position at Saarland University (Saarbruecken, Germany)

Bài gửi  domanhtien on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 1:51 pm

+++++ PhD Student position
+++++ Saarland University (Saarbruecken, Germany)
+++++ MMCI - Cluster of Excellence

There is one open PhD student position available in the research group "Querying, Indexing and Discovery in Dynamic Data", within the cluster of excellence "Multimodal Computing and Interaction" (MMCI), hosted at the Saarland University, in Saarbruecken, Germany.
The research group Querying, Indexing, and Discovery in Dynamic Data

is primarily focused on frequently changing data, in particular streaming data of various kinds, but also on distributed systems, and dynamic structures such as network topologies etc.

One goal is to devise novel methods for index creation and maintenance against the background of changing data. Efficient query processing in such a setting is a cross-topic challenge that touches various research aspects from information retrieval information discovery over data management to distributed systems and peer-to-peer topologies.
Current research directions consider streams obtained from blogs and other kinds of Web 2.0 portals in addition to the more traditional role of streams in network monitoring and in the environmental sciences.

- Completed degree in computer science, applied mathematics, or similar, with outstanding performance (Diploma, Master, or equivalent)
- Substantial background in mathematics and familiarity with at least one of:
database technology, information retrieval, efficient algorithms
- Substantial experience with implementation work in C++ or Java
- Personal initiative, creativity and ability to effectively work in a team
- Good level of written and spoken English (German language skills are not required)

Applicants with experience in one or more of the following topics are preferred:
-Distributed algorithms/systems
-Data streams
-Search in high dimensional data
-Information retrieval

The position is immediately available, but we are prepared also to wait for as long as it takes for the right candidate.

Applications should be sent through email to smichel@mmci.uni-saarland.de, including an application letter, a curriculum vitae, a detailed list of completed courses in computer science and mathematics, a complete set of academic certificates, a list of two people willing to write reference letters for the candidate, and the diploma/master thesis (all as pdf documents).

Applications from non-native English speakers should also include copies of their GRE, TOEFL, CPE or similar scores if available.

The positions are fully funded with the "standard" salary TV-L 13 which is in the beginning approximately 3000 Euro before taxes and around 1700 Euro net per month.

Given the relatively inexpensive living conditions in Saarbruecken (e.g., 350 EURO per month for a decent 60-70m2 apartment, basic rental charge), 1700 EURO net per month allows for a comfortable life.

The MMCI cluster of excellence is strongly connected to the Computer Science Department of the Saarland University, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems, and the Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics.

Saarbruecken is a mid-sized town located in the heart of Europe, with good connections to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Paris.

It combines inexpensive living with a lively "savoir vivre" culture.
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